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The Broadest Capability For Producing Finished Metal Fabricated Product in The USA

Product Complete/Contract Manufacturing

At Rapid-Line we pride ourselves in our ability to take raw material and process it with any of a our multitude of metalforming capabilities to provide our customer with a complete product packaged and ready to ship to the end user. Whether we are fabricating component parts; simple assemblies or complex finished products we can provide you with the right process for your product. 

The last steps of our manufacturing processes are often assembly and packaging. We have 15,000 square feet of our shop dedicated to assembly and packaging.  Our assembly processes are designed to ensure quality and efficiency in every step. You can be confident that our well trained assemblers can handle complex assemblies and the most intricate products. 

Whether your parts are large or small, simple or complex, raw or finished, bulk packed or individually packaged with bar coded labels, we can determine a process to package them so you will receive quality parts meeting all of your expectations. Finally, we can ship your products anywhere they need to go, whether that be your dock, warehouse or the end user. You can be confident that products from Rapid-Line will be quality products and will be there on time.