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Updated Site

We are proud to launch our new web site. Please send us an email and let us know what you think:

New Water Jet

We have just installed a new Flow Water Jet cutting machine. This will give us the capability to cut a wide variety of materials and thicknesses with great edge quality.

ISO 9001 Certification

Welcome to Rapid–Line Arrow

Rapid-Line is a premier metal fabricator and contract manufacturing specialist. Over the last 80 years we developed and refined our capabilities, so we can provide you with everything from simple component parts to complete assembled products. We have extensive experience in all aspects of precision metal fabrication. Laser cutting, water jet cutting, machining, welding, forming, powder coating, assembling and innovating,  we can do it all right here in our modern facility. We have the ability to work with you from concept through finished product.

At Rapid-Line we understand that service is just as important as
our knowledge and expertise. Our customers are as diverse as the products they manufacture, but they all come to Rapid-Line for the same reason: our dedication and responsiveness to their needs. They can attest to our dependability and quality, knowing we have the experience and resources to act as a valuable partner through all phases of each project.

With advanced technology, superior service, guaranteed quality and over 90 years of metal fabrication experience you can be confident choosing Rapid-Line as your supply chain partner.